Tuesday Tip- Track your Traffic

Traffic generation can tell you a lot about whether your digital marketing efforts are working for you. Conversions don’t necessarily happen because traffic hits your site, but they are certainly more likely to happen the more traffic that does come to your website. There are many different ways to drive traffic to your site including SEO, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and social media.

Tuesday Tip- Blogging for your Website

There are thousands up on thousands of blogs that pervade the Internet, with thousands more being added every day. While blogging can certainly be a useful tool in many aspects of your web marketing efforts, for those unfamiliar, blogging can be quite a daunting task to start and maintain. Finding the means to stand out from the sea of bloggers is challenging to say the least, but the first thing to do is to start blogging and try.

Tuesday Tip- Ditch Duplicate Content

The changing landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) has brought more importance on user experience of a website when it comes down to ranking a website in search engines. A large part of user experience is dictated by the content on a website. Because this is the case, webmasters and web marketers everywhere must ensure that the content on their websites isn’t being duplicated anywhere else on the web. Google and other search engines frown on duplicate content and can penalize a website for housing it.

Tuesday Tip- Creating a YouTube Channel

There are many applications and platforms that have been around for a long time that we sometimes forget about or neglect. Every company should analyze where they currently are being found online, and try to maximize their presence across multiple channels. We definitely see most companies have some sort of Facebook presence, with many also opting for Twitter and Instagram.

Tuesday Tip- Duplicate your Traditional Efforts Online

Getting an advertising campaign can be very stressful, especially when getting all the pieces working together. Even experienced marketers know how tough it is to get everything working together in order to execute a successful campaign. By tying all of your communications together, you are able to maximize your message and reach.

Tuesday Tip- Advertise on Twitter

Twitter has recently entered the social media advertising foray in an attempt to compete with its older cousin, Facebook. Some of the biggest brands have taken to Twitter’s advertising format and have jumped on board to reach a larger audience. Small businesses can take advantage of this as well and find more followers and promote their message to a more people.

Tuesday Tip- Instagram and your Business

Once a new social media platform comes into play, it is first adopted by consumers; not long after that, it is adopted by businesses.  Look at the how ubiquitous the Facebook page for a business has become. That would have been quite hard to predict at the launch of the product. The same is true with lesser known applications and products, most notably Instagram.

Tuesday Tip- Get Pinning on Pinterest

Social media has long found its way into the integrated marketing communications strategies of businesses. It’s certainly something that most business owners now partake in and use to their advantage. Social media is comprised of a wide array of different platforms that serve different functions.  

Tuesday Tip- Optimize your Website for Conversions

Business owners that are utilizing the web should have a clear cut goal in mind for the traffic that finds itself onto their website. This is what is known as a conversion and can take many forms. This may include a sale, a subscription to a newsletter, or navigation to a certain area of the site. Goals are important to realize for any business plan or strategy, and it is no different on the web.

Once you have set aside a goal you would like your users to complete, it is time to optimize your website to facilitate as many of these conversions as possible.

Tuesday Tip- How to Stay Social on Social Media

Interacting and engaging with your customers on  your social media channel should definitely be a priority when it comes to your social media marketing strategy. Although we would like to assume that every company knows this, a cursory glance at even some of the biggest brands currently owning a social media presence let’s us know that this is not the case.


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