Tuesday Tips - How to Set Up "Google My Business"

Google My Business


This short video will explain why you need to be on Google My Business. I'll explain how to get on Google My Business in the blog below!


Get Started

First off, you'll need to:

Tuesday Tips - Use Blogging in Sales

Example Tips, Blogging, Sales

Have you ever wanted to explain something, but you didn't want to write a 300-word email on the subject? This happens all the time for sales agents. "I need to explain our product in detail, but I want to give my client more than the link to my website."

Tuesday Tips - It's Pretty Black & White

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

You may have heard about White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO tactics. (It's also possible that you haven't, in which case that sounds like Greek to you).

Either way, we'd like to offer some explanations. It's a big deal to us as a company, and it directly impacts you as our client.

Tuesday Tips - To Blog, Or..?


There's a lot of hype about content, and you've probably heard that "content is king." Well, it's true! Quality content is the gas that keeps the car going. So what're you putting in your tank?


This isn't a great option. As you can image, without any gas (content), you aren't going anywhere. Google noticed fresh content. It notices because people care.

Tuesday Tips - So You're Blogging. Now What?


If you are one of our clients, or one of the lucky business people with time enough to write, you are actively posting blogs. They're helping you rise in search engines, and Google is noticing this fresh content. That's all wonderful! But there's something missing: volume of readers. How do people know you are blogging? Some are finding you by chance, but as I'm sure you know, nothing in business can be left to chance.

Tuesday Tips - Reach for Less

Email Marketing

Of course, we don't mean reaching to attain less; we mean accomplishing a better reach while spending less. The last couple of weeks we've been looking at different modes of marketing such as:

  • billboards
  • radio advertisements

We studied their validity, expense and reach. Now we'd like to compare those to email marketing.

Tuesday Tips - Riding the Right Waves

Last week, we covered the impact, cost and design of billboards. To give you some more information and ideas for your business marketing, we are going to take a look at radio advertising. What are the benefits? Costs? Impact?

What makes radio advertising different

Radio advertising has been around for quite a while, same as the radio itself. Through our research, we've found a few key points that set this medium of advertising apart.

Tuesday Tips - Build it and They'll Pass It


Driving down the interstate, highway, even a little side road, you're probably going to pass a billboard of one sort or another.

Have you ever thought about them for your business? We'd like to offer some tips, information, and do a little comparison to other marketing methods.


If you see billboards every day driving to work, it's clear to say that your customers do, too. Around 50% of Americans reportedly talk about funny billboards later, that starting from the 71% who look at roadside messages.

Tuesday Tip - Email Marketing Compared to: Everything Else

At xFactor, we specialize in marketing of many kinds. In our communication, we really focus in on email. But what are the other methods of marketing? The more tangible, "out in the real world" methods? We're going to take a look at your options to compare costs and ROI.

Tuesday Tip - The Art of Captivating an Audience

Tuesday TIps

In communication, there's direct communication and indirect. You communicate indirectly with your clients through your website, blog, and social media. These provide a fantastic platform from which to communicate with your clients. But how do you actually keep in touch with your clients?

The Difference Is...

Your Facebook friends don't say that you talk all the time and have a great relationships just because they see your updates. The same goes for your customers. Are you keeping up with them, or do you gradually lose touch as they forget all about you?


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