Tuesday Tip - The Art of Captivating an Audience

Tuesday TIps

In communication, there's direct communication and indirect. You communicate indirectly with your clients through your website, blog, and social media. These provide a fantastic platform from which to communicate with your clients. But how do you actually keep in touch with your clients?

The Difference Is...

Your Facebook friends don't say that you talk all the time and have a great relationships just because they see your updates. The same goes for your customers. Are you keeping up with them, or do you gradually lose touch as they forget all about you?

Tuesday Tips - How do You Stay in Front of Your Customers?

Giving consideration last week to what people find when they search you on the web, it's a good idea to make sure you understand how you stay in front of current customers, even current employees.

Tuesday Tip - Looking to Land that Star Sales Rep for Your Team?

"Yes! I got an interview with a company, and from what I see on the Internet, they look great!" Would a potential hire say that of you if they searched you on the web? Have you ever searched your business? Did you find nothing, or nothing good? Check out what comes up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tuesday Tips - How Do You Go Mobile-Friendly?

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

It's Not just a Switch

We're wrapping it up. Mobile-friendly has been a hot topic of conversation for some time, and we want you to be as well educated on it as possible. We've covered:

How to Create Content for a "Boring" Industry

Content Marketing

Let's be real. Some industries are more interesting than others. It's easy to write fun content for a business like a traveling agency, someone selling extreme sports gear or even a restaurant. But what about those "boring" industries?

Marketing - The Art of Standing Out

Marketing, Brand building

Marketing. It's all over the place. You can't walk down the street or get up in the morning without being exposed to it, and as a business person, you need to understand it. You may be actively marketing, but are you seeing the results you want? Do you even know what results you should be seeking?

You and Standing Out

So what makes you special? You've worked hard to build your business, provide quality service and expand. But are you leveraging your advantage over competitors? Does your audience know what sets you apart?

Tuesday Tip - Mobile-Friendly - What Does it Mean?

Mobile-Friendly... What Does it Mean?

Check out the image above. In the center, you have a regular desktop. Far right, a laptop. To the left, you see your tablet and smartphone. What's the significance? Everything looks great. And this is significant because looking good (or mobile-friendly) doesn't just happen.

Tuesday Tip - Are you Losing 1/3 of Your Traffic?

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update, Website Traffice

When considering Google's Mobile-Friendly update, what do you need to know? There are a few different aspects that impact you directly. A major aspect is traffic loss.

Why are You Losing Traffic?

Think about it. If an increasing amount of traffic is on the web via a mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet, etc.) doesn't it stand to reason that those users will ignore a website that "doesn't even work" as far as they can tell? An unresponsive website looks like a jumble of text, misplaced images and impossible navigation to a mobile user.

Tuesday Tip - You Just Fell in Google, and Here's Why

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

Not the Same Google...

Last week on our blog, we talked about Google's most recent update. This update is going to change the way we build websites, change the way businesses rank on Google, and really, change Google.

Why Should You Care?

Well, do you own a business? Logic shows that businesses have to be on the web, meaning if you're competing in today's world, you have a website. If you want your website to be found, it has to rank in Google. And now, Google is playing favorites with mobile-friendly websites.

First Impression - You Had Better Make It Good

Website Building

We all make assumptions based on first impressions. From meeting people in the business world to making new friends, we do a "once over" and make a general assessment of our opinion. "She seems a bit stuck up," or "I wonder when he last washed his hair," might be thoughts that impact your opinion. However, gracious people often overcome this by getting to know the person.

As a business, you probably won't get that sort of grace.


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