Tuesday Tip- Jump into Foursquare!

There are many components that make up a company’s online presence. Some of the more obvious areas are the website, Facebook page, and even a Twitter profile connected to the company. But there are some more obscure forms of social media that can be utilized for businesses, most notably Foursquare.  While most businesses can do just fine with regular social media platforms, some have opted to use Foursquare to boost their online presence.

Tuesday Tip- Is your Homepage Current?

There are many times that your website is the first thing a consumer, and therefore, the first impression anyone has of your company or your brand. Although a user may first land on one of your social media outlets, more often than not, they will filter back to your website at some point. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your homepage is a great representation of who you are. This means having a great design, content, and user experience.

Tuesday Tip- Setting up an Auto-Responder Email Campaign

Autoresponder email campaigns are different from traditional e-mail marketing campaigns. Most of the time, traditional e-mail marketing campaigns are crafted by writing one message at one time, and sent to a predetermined email list. For those companies that are looking to spread a message or attempting to educate their customer base, an autoresponder campaign may be the best option. One advantage is that businesses don’t end up paying the same amount for the campaign, and can introduce their ideas in a specific order to new customers.

Tuesday Tip- Digging into your Facebook Insights

Managing the Facebook presence for a business can be time consuming. Knowing exactly when to post and what to say can be confusing and most online marketers want to know that what they’re doing is effective. Luckily Facebook has provided business owners with their Insights platform that tracks the behavior of the Facebook community.

Tuesday Tip- Get Started on Pinterest

If you find yourself on Pinterest regularly, you will certainly find pins that you are useful to your business and industry. Business owners from all industries are finding that Pinterest can be a very valuable tool in both promoting their business as well as learning about new trends. What was once an obscure social network has really seen a lot of people using it for many different reasons.

Tuesday Tip- The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

More and more traffic on the Internet is being found to come from mobile devices. The number of people using mobile devices to access their favorite websites is currently on the rise, and will only see subsequent growth in the future. With this trend coming into fruition, is your site mobile friendly?

Tuesday Tip- Build Followers on Twitter

Building your brand’s relevance in the age of the Internet truly isn’t complete until you have explored all of the different channels the web has to offer. This includes channels that you may not yet be used to—like Twitter.  Twitter currently has more than 500 million total users worldwide as of 2012, with this number growing every day! Becoming a member of the Twitter community puts you in front of those users and can have a positive impact on your brand.

Tuesday Tip- Handle your Online Reviews

The online world is becoming increasingly more complex and more people are relying on online services for basic functions.  Where companies used to advertise in print media, this trend is slowly moving online. Another aspect of business that is moving online is how someone chooses to review a business. Online reviews now comprise a large amount of what is being said about a business.

Tuesday Tip- Using Instagram Video

With the world of social media always changing and growing, it is important to stay current with certain trends as they happen. Big social media platforms like Facebook will set the standard, however, it is important not to ignore the up and comers, like Instagram. Within this smaller niche, we see that Instagram is now allowing short video clips on their application.

Following the lead of Twitter’s new Vine app, Instagram is also offering video to its users. Where Vine offers six second video clips, Instagram is offering 15 seconds of video.

Tuesday Tip- Promote Posts on Facebook

If you’re looking to feature your business on social media platforms like Facebook, you may need to look into promoting posts. Promoted posts are another form of advertising on Facebook, and can become a more cost effective way of sharing a status update from your business. Instead of running a full paid advertising campaign, look into promoting just a few posts at a time. 


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