Tuesday Tips: Build Your Testimonials

When it comes to advertising your business, nothing beats word of mouth.

Superbly designed ads and informative, well-written content on your website are important, of course. However, they can’t match a recommendation from someone who has benefitted from your products or services. If used effectively, customer testimonials can help you overcome doubts and attract new clients.

Here are some tips on testimonials—what makes a good one and what to do with them.

Tuesday Tip: Using Google Analytics Data to Set Sales Goals

Tuesday Tips

Google Analytics is a great resource for compiling web analytics data from your website. It gives you key areas to target in the future, as well as areas you are currently seeing positive results.

Tuesday Tips: Using Social Media to Cultivate Relationships in Sales

Tuesday Tips, Social Media, Sales

Every salesperson knows that forming relationship is essential in sales if you want to be successful. What they may not know is that social media is a great tool to do so. Social media enables you to meet clients where they are at and cultivates pivotal relationship aspects that help clients trust you.

Tuesday Tip: How to Encourage Successful Web Marketing Through People Skills

web marketing

If you have been involved in or researched web marketing, you’ll know that it isn’t as simple as 1-2-3. There are many different approaches and processes involved, and it’s important to communicate constantly with your client (or with your marketing manager) to ensure that your company is successful in their marketing endeavors.

Read Their Web Marketing Success Story

Case Study: Segue Systems

Segue Systems goes above and beyond as a dealer within the office equipment industry. They have strived to help businesses of all sizes in their industry and offer quality Xerox products.

Tuesday Tips - How to Use Your Blogs Correctly

Maybe you write your own blogs each month, you have an individual outside of the company take care of it, or you have us write a certain number of custom blogs each month.

Whatever the case, we want to make sure you're using your blogs correctly.

Who knew there was a wrong way? It's more a situation of not using the tools that are available to you. As long as you're posting original content, it will have some positive impact on the Internet since Google likes content. However, there is so much more you can do!

Tuesday Tips - How to Set Up "Google My Business"

Google My Business


This short video will explain why you need to be on Google My Business. I'll explain how to get on Google My Business in the blog below!


Get Started

First off, you'll need to:

Tuesday Tips - Use Blogging in Sales

Example Tips, Blogging, Sales

Have you ever wanted to explain something, but you didn't want to write a 300-word email on the subject? This happens all the time for sales agents. "I need to explain our product in detail, but I want to give my client more than the link to my website."

Tuesday Tips - It's Pretty Black & White

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

You may have heard about White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO tactics. (It's also possible that you haven't, in which case that sounds like Greek to you).

Either way, we'd like to offer some explanations. It's a big deal to us as a company, and it directly impacts you as our client.

Tuesday Tips - To Blog, Or..?


There's a lot of hype about content, and you've probably heard that "content is king." Well, it's true! Quality content is the gas that keeps the car going. So what're you putting in your tank?


This isn't a great option. As you can image, without any gas (content), you aren't going anywhere. Google noticed fresh content. It notices because people care.


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