Tuesday Tip - Mobile-Friendly - What Does it Mean?

Mobile-Friendly... What Does it Mean?

Check out the image above. In the center, you have a regular desktop. Far right, a laptop. To the left, you see your tablet and smartphone. What's the significance? Everything looks great. And this is significant because looking good (or mobile-friendly) doesn't just happen.

Tuesday Tip - Are you Losing 1/3 of Your Traffic?

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update, Website Traffice

When considering Google's Mobile-Friendly update, what do you need to know? There are a few different aspects that impact you directly. A major aspect is traffic loss.

Why are You Losing Traffic?

Think about it. If an increasing amount of traffic is on the web via a mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet, etc.) doesn't it stand to reason that those users will ignore a website that "doesn't even work" as far as they can tell? An unresponsive website looks like a jumble of text, misplaced images and impossible navigation to a mobile user.

Tuesday Tip - You Just Fell in Google, and Here's Why

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

Not the Same Google...

Last week on our blog, we talked about Google's most recent update. This update is going to change the way we build websites, change the way businesses rank on Google, and really, change Google.

Why Should You Care?

Well, do you own a business? Logic shows that businesses have to be on the web, meaning if you're competing in today's world, you have a website. If you want your website to be found, it has to rank in Google. And now, Google is playing favorites with mobile-friendly websites.

First Impression - You Had Better Make It Good

Website Building

We all make assumptions based on first impressions. From meeting people in the business world to making new friends, we do a "once over" and make a general assessment of our opinion. "She seems a bit stuck up," or "I wonder when he last washed his hair," might be thoughts that impact your opinion. However, gracious people often overcome this by getting to know the person.

As a business, you probably won't get that sort of grace.

Tuesday Tip - Build Your Brand on The Rock

Brand Building

A solid marketing plan isn't something you build over night. People who "cheat" at SEO end up being delisted by Google. In other words, you can't throw up a tent on the sand, you have to build your marketing house on the rock.

Google's Mobile Friendly Update - Some Facts You Can't Ignore

Mobile Friendly

From their homepages to their algorithms, Google has made many changes over the years... But a recent change has everyone scrambling. Why? Google made a huge change on April 21st, and you need to pay attention to it.

What's all the Fuss about?

Google's most recent algorithm change was due to the change in searches. An overwhelming 60% of searches are now coming from mobile devices, and Google has started catering to those searchers.

Tuesday Tip - Don't Use That Tone with Me!

Content Marketing

Establishing Your Company's Voice

We've discussed branding at length, and one aspect of that is your company's tone of voice. This is shown in your flyers, the content on your website, and your blogs. (Yes, you should be writing blogs).

The Death of the Brandless Business

Brand Building Mistakes

You are striving to grow that killer brand, the one everyone in your industry is talking about. That is hard work; we get it! After all the work you have done and are doing, don't kill your brand.

Tuesday Tip - Where are Your Raving Fans?


Why Aren't People Raving about Your Brand?

Maybe you haven't asked them. For many companies, like restaurants, reviews are inevitable. But for some, they are hard to come by. All customers have various opinions, ranging from lavishing praise to rampaging complaints. But each of these customers have some common ground; they want to be heard. You just have to get them to express themselves.

Debunking the Myths Surrounding SEO


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term frequently used in web marketing. Despite the commonplace term, many people either don't have any idea what SEO is or have a slew of misconceptions. We are hoping, in this blog, to debunk the common myths surrounding SEO.



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