Tuesday Tips: Better Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Tuesday Tips

Imagine you’re meeting an important potential client or investor in your business. How would you prepare for this meeting? You’d probably take some time and think about topics you want to discuss. You’d take steps to make sure that this person leaves with a good impression of you and your business.

You should approach your social media accounts in a similar way. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you attract customers and stand out as an expert in your industry. However, you need to plan out in advance what kind of impression you want to make with your audience.

Tuesday Tip: How to Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Business

Tuesday Tips

The advent of social media has opened up a variety of avenues through which you can connect with your audience and promote your business. If managed well, a profile on LinkedIn can prove especially beneficial. Here are some tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to help your business grow.

Tuesday Tip: Give Your Website the 5-Second Test

Tuesday Tip

They say it only takes five seconds for a web-surfer to decide whether or not to check out a website. It may take a bit longer (or even shorter) than that in real life, but the point is that you have a very limited amount of time to get viewers interested in your website and your business. If you can’t hook your site’s visitors quickly, they’ll take their eyes—and their dollars—elsewhere.

To know if your website passes the 5-second test, look at it and ask the following questions:

Tuesday Tip: Digital Mastery

Digital Mastery

We hope you enjoyed your trip to New Orleans!

We were excited to see the messaging in the Digital Mastery Module. The messaging was aligned to the messaging you get from us in our Tuesday Tips. If you would like additional clarity on the topics, feel free to visit our blog. The points delivered were clear:

Tuesday Tip: How to Build (or Rebuild) Your Brand

Tuesday Tips

In an article for Forbes, Chic CEO founder Stephanie Mills likens brands to human relationships.

“We must infuse humanity into our businesses if we want to create a relationship,” she writes. “A brand must live and breathe on it’s own [sic], and in order to do that—you must give it life.”

One way to give your brand life, Mills continues, is to give it what she calls “me too” moments.

Tuesday Tip: Create a Comprehensive Web Marketing Plan for 2016

Tuesday Tips

Around this time of the year, people often make New Year’s Resolutions. They say that they’ll do something to improve themselves in some way or another. Now might be a good time to make the same kind of plans with your business.

Tuesday Tips for Better Sales Reps #4: How to Communicate Business Messaging to Your Clients

Tuesday Tips, business communication

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression.”

In business, it’s easy to see the truth of this statement. That’s why companies pour thousands—or, if they’re bigger, millions—of dollars into advertising and marketing campaigns. After all, how can you sell to people if they don’t even know who you are and what you do?

Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to communicate this to potential customers. Here are some easy, cost-effective ways to send out messaging for your business online.

Tuesday Tips for Better Sales Reps #3: Share Your Success Stories on Your Site

Tuesday Tips

You may have heard the saying, “Success breeds success.” There’s definitely some truth to that, but when it comes to your business, it’s smart to help it along a little.

When you’ve started getting good feedback from customers about your products and services, that feedback can help you attract more business. A good reputation and track record can make your sales reps’ jobs much easier.

Tuesday Tips for Better Sales Reps #2: Talk to Your Clients Through Your Website

Marketing, Sales

Good marketing and salesmanship involve more than pushing your products and services on people. Clients don’t just invest in what you’re selling; they invest in you too.

In order to connect with your customers, you need to communicate who you are—your values, your vision, your voice. When it’s constructed well, your website will do exactly that. It will augment your sales reps’ efforts and draw clients to your business.

Tuesday Tips for Better Sales Reps #1: How Your Website Helps Reps Sell

Tuesday Tips

For true effectiveness, every aspect of your business needs to function as an organized, cohesive whole. This applies to your network and your equipment, of course, but it also applies to your workforce and how they use that equipment.

When it’s designed well and features polished, unique content, your company’s website can serve as a tremendous asset for your sales reps. It can help them overcome customers’ doubts and build confidence in your business.

How Your Website Helps Drive Sales

A good business website can help sales reps in the following ways:


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